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January 2021
[pl_post_props pagelayer-id=”4CfLre2eX0oNjlCz” post_title=”Sarajevo Guide for Vegans – Vegetarians” post_name=”sarajevo-guide-for-vegans-and-vegetarians” post_status=”publish” featured_image=”7584″ post_excerpt=””] [/pl_post_props] [pl_row pagelayer-id=”cj7queml57ayzwjw” ] [pl_col pagelayer-id=”8llrs20u284tl7kz” col=”12″] [pl_text pagelayer-id=”hd3z8l82hesyyupi” ] Coming to the Balkan area in general for vegans and vegetarians isn’t easy. Why? Balkan area isn’t quite familiar with vegan and vegetarian customs and the core of almost all of our dishes...
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