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Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Balkans – Info and Updates (Last Update: 17.08.2020.)

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Coronavirus has changed the world, that is something we are all aware of.

What about the Balkans in particular? We are sure you have been wondering all this time how and when to visit the Balkans?

Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans were one of the top destinations for 2020 and many of you planned to spend at least a couople of days in this amazing region, rich of natural beauties, historic and cultural monuments. We were looking forward to see you and already organized  many amazing trips.

But, unfortunately, everything, not only in the Balkans, but in the whole world, suddenly changes due to the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), we were obligied to stay locked in our homes, borders are closing, people are loosing hope that they will travel again. And it lasts, and lasts, and lasts. Seems like it will last forever.

Thankfuly, we are travelling again! The borders of Bosnia and other Balkan countries are now opened and we are ready to show the world everything we have to offer. Meet Bosnia Team is here for you as always, with our hard-working tour operators and passionate guides.

What we want is to see you here, help you get the best of our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and beautiful Balkans, but keep you and us safe.


We will continue updating about the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Balkans, especially the information regarding the borders.


UPDATED ON: 15.09.2020.
COVID-19 - geographical distribution - provided by ECDC
COVID-19 – geographical distribution – provided by ECDC
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total cases: 15 801, Total recovered: 9 619, Total Deaths: 471

Official information at:

Institute for Public Health FBiH

Institute for Public Health Republic of Srpska

Sanitary Epidemiological Service: +387 62 842 318


Citizens of Montenegro, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Croatia are allowed to enter BiH without presenting negative test for the SARS-COV-2 virus when they enter Bosnia and Herzegovina directly from the country of which they are citizens, as well as their minor children and spouses who are citizens of other countries.

Border police of BiH: +387 33 755-300



Total cases: 11 520,  Total Recovered: 6 615, Total Deaths: 338

Official information at:

Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection

National Emergency Medical Service: 127, 112


Albania’s borders are opened for all nations to visit, but there are a few things travelers should know about entry requirements, even though they are pretty easy compared to other countries.

All passengers arriving to Albania should follow distancing protocol of 1.5 meters and wear face masks on the flight and in the airport.

In the arrivals area, all travelers will have their temperature measured with a calibrated thermometer

To avoid duplication, passengers coming from EU flights, whom have been subjected to temperature measurement at the departure airport, will be excluded from this procedure when entering the Republic of Albania.

Persons tested with a temperature above 37.5 degrees are not allowed to enter the airport and additional verification procedures will be carried out for them. Persons with a temperature above 37.5 degrees will enter the special area of quarantine.

Currently, there is no mandatory testing on arrival, no negative-PCR tests needed, and no quarantines for arrivals from certain countries.

Tests and/or quarantines will only be applied to symptomatic travelers.



Total cases: 13 79,  Total Recovered: 11 412, Total Deaths: 230

Official information at:

Croatian Ministry of Health

Emergency Medical Service: 113


The Croatian Institute of Public Health has published Recommendations and instructions for persons crossing the state border of the Republic of Croatia.

The decision on the temporary ban on crossing the border crossings of the Republic of Croatia prohibits or restricts the crossing of persons across border crossings, from which the following are exempted:

1. Citizens of the EU (regardless of place of residence), the Schengen area and the Schengen countries, as well as members of their families and third-country nationals who are long-term residents (in Croatia) pursuant to Council Directive 2003/109 / EC of 25.11 .2003. on the status of third-country nationals with long-term residence and persons entitled to reside under other EU directives or national law or holding national long-stay visas.

2. The temporary ban on entry into the Republic of Croatia from third countries, except for the persons referred to in item 1, shall not apply to:

2a. Healthcare professionals, health researchers and associates, care professionals for the elderly and people requiring urgent medical treatment

2b. Cross-border workers

2c. Carriers of goods and other transport staff to the extent necessary

2d. Diplomats, police officers in the performance of their duties, civil protection services and teams, personnel of international organizations and international military personnel in the performance of their functions

2e. Passengers in transit

2f. Persons traveling for tourism or other business reasons or who have another economic interest, and persons traveling for educational purposes

2g. Persons who travel for urgent personal reasons (eg they own real estate in the Republic of Croatia) or have some other urgent personal reason.

Instructions for health surveillance of persons entering the Republic of Croatia from third countries:

a) For all persons entering the Republic of Croatia from third countries, on the basis of an exemption from the ban on crossing the border referred to in point 2g. health supervision with 14-day quarantine/self-isolation is mandatory

Quarantine/self-isolation can be shortened to seven days if a person swapes his nose and throat at his own expense seven days after entering Croatia and receives a negative PCR test for SARS-CoV-2.

b) The obligation of self-isolation for persons entering the Republic of Croatia from third countries does not apply to persons referred to in items 2a., 2b., 2c., 2d., t: 2e. passengers in transit:

For passengers in transit, the border police will, after being allowed to enter, check whether they have left the territory of the Republic of Croatia within 12 hours.

This rule can be applied only if the exit from the Republic of Croatia is to a neighboring country that will allow him to enter.

2f. Persons entering the Republic of Croatia for tourism or other business reasons or who have another economic interest, and persons traveling for educational purposes. These persons can enter Croatia without the obligation of self-isolation upon presentation of a negative PCR test of nasal and pharyngeal swabs on SARS-CoV-2, which is not older than 48 hours (counting from the time of swab to arrival at the border crossing), or with the obligation 14- daily quarantine/self-isolation if they do not have a negative PCR test result.

This Decision entered into force on 11.07.2020. years.



Total cases: 11 692,  Total Recovered: 11 585, Total Deaths: 600

Kosovo National Institute of Public Health

Emergency Medical Service: 194


The Pristina International Airport is opened to all travelers.

Kosovo’s land borders remain opened without restrictions to passenger traffic entering Kosovo. There are no requirements for PCR tests for Coronavirus or quarantine.



Total cases: 6 900,  Total Recovered: 4 589, Total Deaths: 121

Official information at:

Montenegro Institute of Public Health


Borders have opened to foreign nationals with restrictions, including a negative Coronavirus (COVID) test for people entering from BiH. The government of Montenegro has an updated list of countries allowed to enter here.


North Macedonia

Total cases: 15 827,  Total Recovered: 13 315, Total Deaths: 652

Official information at:

Insitute of Public Health of Republic of Macedonia


From June 17, 2020. all Macedonian border crossings are open.

All land border crossings in North Macedonia are open for the movement of passengers and vehicles. Skopje International Airport and Ohrid Airport ‚ÄúSt. Apostle Paul‚ÄĚ are open and commercial flights have resumed.

North Macedonia has introduced some restrictions for nationals coming from certain countries. These restrictions are based on nationality and not the country of residence.



Total cases: 32 437  Total Recovered: no up-to-date information, Total Deaths: 733

Official information at:

Institute of Public Health of Serbia

Ministry of Health- Special number for questions about coronavirus COVID-19: +381 64 8945 235


Serbia has opened border crossings for all passengers. It is not necessary to present a PRC test or go into self-isolation to enter Serbia.



Total cases: 3 831,  Total Recovered: no up-to-date information, Total Deaths: 135

Official information at:

Slovenian National Institute of Public Health


Based on the precise monitoring of the epidemiological situation in Slovenia and abroad the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) prepares the epidemiological status evaluation.

Based on the epidemiological status evaluation for an individual country and in accordance with reaching bilateral technical agreements with neighboring countries and the other EU Member States or the Schengen area, the Government shall determine and amend the list of countries, from which persons enter the Republic of Slovenia in accordance with paragraph 5th of Article 9 of the Decree on the Ordinance on imposing and implementing measures related to prevent the spread of epidemic COVID-19 at the border crossing points at the external border and inspection posts within national borders of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the RS 68/20 and Official Gazette of the RS 71/20).

The list of countries and its changes will be posted regularly on NIJZ web page HERE.


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