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Halal Tourism in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Halal Tourism in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Halal Tourism is becoming an ever-increasing branch in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as it grows into a more and more popular destination for tourists from Muslim countries, or Muslims living in the rest of the World. Bosnian Agency for Halal Quality Certification (https://www.halal.ba/index.php/en/) lists on its pages both the manufacturers, products, and services that acquired the Halal Certificate, but also those who have lost it for any reason. It should be noted how in the areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina with Bosniak/Moslem majority, most restaurants, cafes or sweet shops do offer Halal food, even if they don’t display the full Halal Certificate. The reason is simple – they do serve alcoholic drinks too, so it’s impossible to obtain the Certificate.

Halal services/products Logo:

The list of services with Halal Certificate by cantons/entities:

Sarajevo and its suburbs:

Grand Hotel Bristol, Sarajevo, Fra Filipa Lastrića Str. 2

Hotel City Boutique, Sarajevo, Mula Mustafe Bašeskije Str. 2

Hotel Krone Ilidža, Sarajevo, Velika aleja Str. 1

Hotel Pino Nature Trebević, Sarajevo, Ravne Str. 1

Cordoba Cafe (BBI Center), Sarajevo, Trg Djece Sarajeva Square 1

Restaurant Terasa Ilidža (Stup), Sarajevo, Hifzi Bjelavca Str. 11A

Restaurant Sinija Rajlovac, Sarajevo, Safeta Zajke Str. 199

Restaurant Ćevabdžinica Mujanovići Vogošća, Sarajevo, Akifa ef. Biserovića Str. 7

Tuzla Canton:

Hotel Tehnograd, Tuzla, Žarka Vukovića Str. bb

West Herzegovina Canton:

Hotel Bigeste, Ljubuški, Hrvatskih branitelja Str. 69

The tourists can download and install the „Halal Bazar“ app on their mobile phones, for checking the Halal status of the product and services.

According to holidayme.com and their list of top 5 Muslim friendly countries in Europe in 2020, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in third place. Definitely, if you are planning your perfect halal holiday, Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to be on your list.

A country where you can find halal food, place to pray and plenty to explore. With mind-blowing beauty and Islamic heritage to explore it is a great place to be on your halal travel destination list. A place where East meets West and where Ottomans left a huge influence. Visit the most beautiful sights like the capital Sarajevo, and cities like Mostar and Travnik or even unusual places like Lukomir Village or Bijambare Caves.

Meet Bosnia Travel offers Balkan Muslim Tour Packages with all-inclusive service. We can provide any customized Balkan Package with halal hotels, halal food and Muslim guides. We will plan your trip carefully and take care of every detail for you.

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