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Bosnia tour | 8 days tour in this gorgeous country

(21 Reviews)
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Max people: 7
  • Pickup: Sarajevo
  • Min age: 0+
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Drop-off: Sarajevo
What to expect from Bosnia tour

If you have been planning to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, explore the most interesting gems of this beautiful country and have it all arranged, we recommend you to spend unforgettable 8 days in Bosnia and Herzegovina with our Bosnia tour and Meet Bosnia team.

We will be exploring the capital of Bosnia- Sarajevo, the amazing East Bosnia region, enchanting Herzegovina with its cultural center – Mostar. Central Bosnia and its two most significant cities, famous Visoko Pyramides and Bijambare Caves.

Let’s have fun! 

Bosnia tour highlights

  • Explore Sarajevo - beautiful capital of Bosnia
  • Discover East Bosnia and West Serbia with Visegrad, Andricgrad and Drvengrad
  • Explore enchanting Herzegovina region and its cultural center - Mostar
  • Visit two most important towns in central Bosnia - Travnik and Jajce
  • Visit famous Visoko Pyramides or Srebrenica
  • Enjoy Bijambare Caves or Lukomir village

Bosnia tour essential information

Departure & Return Location

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Departure Time

On request

Price Includes

  • 7 nights hotel accommodation
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Professional English-speaking tour guide
  • All transportation in destination location

Price Excludes

  • Single roomThere is a surcharge of 220€ for a single room
  • Entrance Fees
  • Extra tours
  • Room Service Fees
  • Any Private Expenses

Good to know

  • Tour can be customized on request
  • In winter time Bijambare caves are closed, so we shall choose another tour
  • Minimum required number of people for this trip is 2
  • Private tour can be arranged on request
Bosnia tour itinerary

Bosnia tour day 1 -Sarajevo Arrival

Your Bosnia tour experience is scheduled to commence with your arrival at Sarajevo Airport. There you will be welcomed by the Meet Bosnia guide and afterwards, we will transfer you to your Hotel check-in. After check-in is done, you will have some free time in Sarajevo in order to see the city on your own. 

Bosnia tour day 2 -Sarajevo

After breakfast, we will have Sarajevo Free Walking Tour. Highlights of the tour are:

Baščaršija Square – Sebilj Foutain – Oldest Street in Sarajevo – Old Orthodox Church – Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Heart – Synagogue – Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque – Clock Tower – Caravan Saray – Old Madraasa – Bazaar – Meeting of Cultures Spot – Sarajevo Roses – Hotel Europe – Assassination Spot – Latin bridge.

Later we will proceed to the Sarajevo War tour, which is our most popular tour. Highlights of our Fall of Yugoslavia – Sarajevo Siege Tour are:

Yellow fortress, City hall – Defenders cemetery – Olympic stadium Koševo – Olympic hall Zetra – Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo grave – St. Vitus heroes chappel – Sniper Alley – Hotel Holiday Inn – Old Yugoslav military barrack – Sarajevo Roses – Cellist of Sarajevo – Tunnel of Hope – bobsleigh track – frontlines – one of main headquarters of Bosnian Serbs during the siege – Sarajevo local guide.

We will spend a night in Sarajevo and will proceed to Višegrad tomorrow.

Bosnia tour day 3 -Višegrad, Drvengrad and Andrićgrad

This day is reserved for exploring East Bosnia and West Serbia. Serbia is Bosnia and Herzegovina eastern neighbour and the main bored is the river Drina. After we finish with our breakfast, we are heading to Visegrad.

Visegrad is a small town located on the banks of the Drina river in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will be the first stop on our 3rd day of Bosnia tour

It is full of pretty streets, but we will dedicate our visit to The Old Stone Bridge, the endowment of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic. The bridge is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Just nearby this famous bridge is another tourist attraction – Andricgrad (Andrictown) also known as Kamengrad (Stonetown).

Before we cross the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia we will visit Dobrun monastery. Dobrun Monastery is located in the picturesque mountainous region, surrounded by rocky hills and opened towards the gorge of the mountain stream, in the gorge of Rzav River with numerous springs and fertile fields and pastures.

Later on, we will be visiting – Ethno Village Drvengrad. Drvengrad means wooden town and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Everything is made of timber from conifer trees.

And finally, you will have a unique completely experience with the Sarhgan Eight train ride.

Return and overnight in Sarajevo.

Bosnia tour day 4 -Mostar and Herzegovina region

After breakfast, we will depart to the Herzegovina region.
The first stop will be in Konjic – a small, charming town located on the banks of river Neretva. It is famous for its Old Stone Bridge.

The next stop is in Jablanica. It’s a small town famous for its bridge and the Battle of Neretva where the Partisans managed to win a very difficult battle against the Axis powers.
Then we continue through some really amazing parts of the Neretva river canyon, which runs through Herzegovina.

The next destination is Kravice, a waterfall on the Trebižat River. It’s a small version of Niagara Falls, hidden in the Balkans. For its amazing beauty and untouched nature, it’s protected by Bosnia and Herzegovina as a natural treasure.

Then we will proceed to Blagaj, a haven of peace and natural harmony. The Blagaj Tekke is situated by the spring of the river Buna, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

At the end of the day, it’s time for Mostar experience – a city of light, stone on stone, historical, political, scientific and cultural center of Herzegovina lies at the foot of the slopes of Velez Mountain, in the Neretva River valley. With its Old Bridge, it is one of the most important pearls of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Return and overnight in Sarajevo.

Bosnia tour day 5 -Travnik and Jajce

After breakfast, on the road towards the west, we will go to Travnik city, which, for many years, served as the capital of Bosnian eyalet and was known as Vizier City. In the Ottoman Empire, the Grand Vizier was the prime minister of the Ottoman Sultan. This enchanting town is also the birthplace of Ivo Andric, a Yugoslav novelist, and the 1961 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Travnik is one of the best-preserved cities from Ottoman times. There are 28 protected cultural and historical buildings in this area. The most important of them is the medieval fortress, built in the 15th century, Jeni mosque, which is the oldest building from the Ottoman period, Sulejmanija or Šarena mosque, Jesuit Grammar School and Elči Ibrahim-Pasha madrassa – Muslim school that is still used today.

In addition, this charming town is known for its lovely small river that we call Plava Voda or Blue Water located right in the city center. There’s a great cafe right near the river where they will serve the best Bosnian coffee you can taste.

After visiting Travnik we will continue to Jajce, the capital of the independent medieval Kingdom of Bosnia, a city of stone, light, and water. Once you are there, you get the feeling of the mysterious history of the place and you will rush to get to know it better.

Our guide will show you the most prominent part of the city, its trademark, magnificent, 18-meter high waterfall, place where the river Pliva tumbles abruptly into the Vrbas river. Jajce waterfall dominates the center of the Old Town, which makes this place unique.

Later on, we are heading to Pliva Lakes and Watermills, located only a few kilometers away from Jajce. The lakes offer many recreational opportunities: fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, playing volleyball, biking and walking, and it was here that wooden watermills were built during the Middle Ages.

You will see how we used water power in old times in order to produce seeds and flower for bread.

Return and overnight in Sarajevo.

Bosnia tour day 6 -Visoko - Bosnian pyramids or Srebrenica visit

1st option – Visoko visit

Today, in the whole world, Visoko is famous as an archaeological destination and place of the excellent pyramidal complex. You will enter the Tunnel of Ravne and explore the first European Pyramids and the underground tunnels.

Later we will visit Visoko city which was the capital of Bosnian Kings and had a colony and duty of traders from Dubrovnik. We will see the Old Tabhanska mosque, the Old Franciscan monastery and The White Mosque.

Return and overnight in Sarajevo.

2nd option – Srebrenica visit

If you want to find out more about the war in Bosnia in the ’90s and understand what was happening in those tough four years, you should visit Srebrenica on this full-day tour from Sarajevo. Undeniably, Srebrenica is the place of the worst atrocity in Europe since the end of World War II.

This terrible act of ethical cleansing, defined as an act of genocide and recognized as such by The American Congress and the European Parliament, will probably change your perception of the war you might have had before visiting this place.

Starting our tour from Sarajevo we will continue through some beautiful mountainous regions in East Bosnia. After around three hours of driving, we will arrive at Srebrenica town and start our tour with a visit to Potocari Memorial Complex.

That is the place where you will see a huge graveyard,  the memorials of Srebrenica victims and authentic photo and video exhibitions of terrible crimes against humanity that happened there. 

We will also show you the town and springs of healthy water in Srebrenica.

Return and overnight in Sarajevo.

Bosnia tour day 7 -Bijambare Caves or Lukomir village

1st option – Bijambare caves

Bijambare cave is located around 40 km away from Sarajevo and is one of the most beautiful caves in Bosnia. After we are there, first we shall take a nice walk through the beautiful combination of oak, beech, and pine forest to reach the Bijambare Cave complex.

The walk is enriched with plenty of beautiful scenery, small creeks, the small lake usually there in spring/winter, fresh air and much more, which will make us have a great beginning at least. Later on, we will visit the “Middle Cave” – the biggest cave in the Bijambare caves complex.

We will also see the Upper Cave which is the oldest one in this cave complex, Lower cave. We will also show you there a very important collection of “Stećci” – Bosnian medieval tombstones.

Return and overnight in Sarajevo.

2nd option – Lukomir village

Lukomir village is interesting for its unique stone houses with cherry-wood roof tiles. Indeed, access to the village is impossible from the first snow in December until late April.  The only way to reach it is by skis or on foot. A newly constructed lodge is now complete to receive guests. From there, you can do some magnificent hiking in the area along the ridge of the Rakitnica Canyon.  From the edge of the village, located at almost 1,500 meters above sea level, you will have a  breathtaking view of this canyon. Also, you can see the neighbouring Obalj and Visočica Mountain. On the other side, you can see Igman, a beautiful Olympic mountain.

Bosnia tour day 8 -Departure

Our 8-day Bosnia tour fairytale is ending where it started, at Sarajevo International Airport. According to your flight time, we will organize a transfer to the airport.

Bosnia tour on map

Bosnia tour photos

21 Reviews
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10 Day Journey Through Bosnia

Solo Traveller

I just finished a 10-day trip through Bosnia with the folks at Meet Bosnia and can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. They made everything about my trip absolutely seamless from the moment they picked me up at the airport to the moment they dropped me back off. My first day in Sarajevo I had an amazing guide who took me all around Old Town and provided me with fascinating information about the history of the city, the craftsman still operating, the food being sold in the area, and the culture. My second day I had another incredible guide who took me to see the Tunnel of Hope and various sites related to the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics. My second day was capped off with an incredible dinner at the home of Bosnian family. It felt pretty cool to get an intimate look into the home life and cooking of a family from the area and spend some time having meaningful conversations about Bosnian culture. My journey through Bosnia continued over the next five days with overnight stops in Mostar and Bihac. Along the journey my guide took me on a slew of outstanding side/day trips that are almost too numerous to list here but I’ll try…Konjic and Tito’s Bunker, Blagaj and the Dervish House, Kravice to view the beautiful waterfalls, Jajce for the watermills and waterfall, Una National Park and its wonders including Strbacki Buk and Martin Brod, Drvar and Tito’s Cave, Ostrozac Castle, and Travnik and its majestic castle. I took a very emotional day trip to visit Srebrenica and learn more about the events that unfolded there in July 1995. My trip through Bosnia concluded with an outstanding hike to the oldest village in Bosnia, Lukomir that had views you can only picture in fairy tales. Throughout the duration of my trip the many guides that accompanied me were unbelievably generous with their willingness to share the personal experiences in Bosnia, and in particular, during the war in the 1990s. They were thoughtful, insightful, and clearly had so much love for their country that they wanted to share with me. I have been to many other European countries but have never felt such warmth and welcomeness as I did from those at Meet Bosnia. They made this trip a truly once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I look forward to returning to Sarajevo and Bosnia one day to revisit old favorites and to see the sites I missed, and I have no doubt that I will be reaching out to the team at Meet Bosnia when I do. I cannot recommend Meet Bosnia highly enough for anyone who is considering traveling to Bosnia.

June 14, 2022


Couple Traveller

We firstly engaged Meet Bosnia for a private trip from Sarajevo to Mostar and Montenegro. The Professional Guide assigned was Adnan. Adnan is very knowledgeable, helpful and has pleasant personality. He is also tech savvy which makes it easier for us when we had 3G issues with our mobile phones. We are extremely grateful to him too for helping us to carry our heavy luggage, especially at one of the apartments we stayed at which was at level 2 with not lift! He was also very patient. We asked him to stop the car a few times in the middle of no where because of some nice graffiti on some walls or sceneries for us to take photos and he politely obliged. That is so sweet of him. He also made suggestions to stop along the road for us to take nice scenic photos. He made recommendations on great places to eat along the way and the one I like the most is the Roast Lamb from Restoran Kovacevic Jablanica. Even after the tour with him was over, he still welcome us to contact him should we have questions about Bosnia, which is again, so very kind of him. I highly recommended anyone going to Bosnia to specifically request for Adnan to be your Professional Guide, especially if you are thinking of private tour.

We also joined several other tours from Meet Bosnia. Dinner at Local Family Home with Hidaya (delighted that Edin, the boss & Adnan, our favourite Guide, joined us too!); Free Walking Tour with Damir; Jajce & Travnik Tour with Hidaya; and Fall of Yugoslavia, Sarajevo Siege Tour with Zehra. All the guides – Hidaya, Damir and Zehra are nice, friendly and know the history of the country very well. It’s amazing how they can remember all the many dates spanning centuries. They speak fluent and clear English, so it was very easy to understand. They also welcome questions so you can ask them any questions you have about the country.

March 17, 2020

Maria Brenen

Solo Traveller

I have been on this tour with Meet Bosnia Travel and I don’t regret it at all even though I was traveling alone. This trip was just amazing thanks to the great guides and great stuff. I definitely recommend this trip and this agency.

February 26, 2020


Family Traveller

I had a tour in Bosnia with Meet Bosnia Travel and everything was on point! It was great to be in Bosnia in winter, we had totally different perception of the country a positive one, everything so peacefull and without the crowed. Everything was organized so well, we didn`t have to worry about anything. I definitely would like to visit this beautiful country again, this time in the summer.

January 29, 2020


Couple Traveller

The meet Bosnia team provide a really great service. We took this package and we had a great time. Our guides were great. I especially love the walking tour in Sarajevo, the guide was so positive, smart and explained everything so well. With this tour, I got a different picture of Sarajevo, love it. Also love our other tours trough Bosnia, such a beautiful country. I would love to come back to this beautiful country, definitely recommending this tour and agency.

January 19, 2020

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