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Our guides

Welcome to the crossroads of discovery and passion, where every journey is an invitation to explore the world through eyes filled with wonder and hearts open to adventure.

Founded on a bedrock of deep respect for cultural heritage and boundless enthusiasm for uncovering the hidden gems of our country and region, our agency is more than just a conduit to the world’s wonders—it’s a gateway to experiences that resonate on a personal level, touching the soul and enriching the mind.

Our team, a family of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds in sociology, economics, and beyond, brings together a wealth of knowledge and a shared passion for creating meaningful connections between our guests and the places they visit.

In every itinerary, in every encounter, we seek to go beyond the ordinary, offering a mosaic of experiences that celebrate the beauty, diversity, and profound richness of our world. Join us, and let’s go on a journey not just to see Bosnia and Herzegovina, but to truly meet it.

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Meet the tour crafters

Welcome to the heart of our journey, where the paths are carved by the souls who guide them. Our team of guides is not just about leading the way; they are the heartbeat of every adventure, the storytellers who weave the fabric of our experiences, and the trusted companions who make every moment memorable. Let’s introduce you to the passionate individuals who will be by your side, exploring the wonders of our destinations.

Edin Ogrešević

Edin Ogrešević, with a background in Economics and a passion for marketing, is the CEO and founder of Meet Bosnia, driving the agency with innovation, client satisfaction, and a dedication to promoting Bosnia’s beauty. Handling various roles, Edin is also a certified biking guide, mountaineer, and the expert for hiking and biking tours across Bosnia and Herzegovina’s landscapes. Notably, he’s a certified Sarajevo guide with experience leading figures like former President Clinton. Beyond his business role, Edin actively contributes to local tourism development, demonstrating a genuine commitment to improving the region’s quality of life through tourism.

Adnan Čengić

Adnan Čengić, a Public Administration graduate and devoted father, is a key figure at Meet Bosnia, known for his discipline as both a tour guide and logistic manager. His extensive knowledge and friendly nature make every tour educational and enjoyable. Adnan’s problem-solving skills, calmness, and determination position him as a dependable leader, transforming each journey into a learning opportunity and ensuring a successful and pleasant conclusion. His contributions add significant value and experience to the Meet Bosnia team. He ensures that each adventure concludes successfully and with a smile. 

Hidaya F. Plavčić

Also known as Kiki, holds a master’s degree in Sociology and World Religions. She’s been with our team since the beginning, serving as a tour guide and tour operator. She has led numerous Balkan tours as a tour leader, covering routes from Milan to Istanbul and Athens to Zagreb. Beyond her role as a tour leader/tour guide, she has also dedicated herself to organizing weddings in recent years. With her expertise and lively personality, Hidaya adds a positive and enjoyable vibe to our team. Her deep understanding of cultural dynamics and religious diversity greatly enriches the tours, offering guests unique insights and a more meaningful travel experience.

Medina Burnić

Tourism graduate Medina hails from northern Bosnia, near the Sana River. As a committed sales rep and tour agent with a passion for her homeland, she has a strong background in event coordination and recently hosted a successful 5-day conference for 100 attendees. Specializing in Balkan tours, she offers top-notch customer support, ensures quality service, and is known for her 24/7 availability to handle inquiries. Additionally, Medina has experience in organizing educational study tours, providing enriching travel experiences.

Armina Pijalović

Known as “Your Favorite Guide” Armina brings rich experience from non-governmental organizations and a diverse life background. With 20 years of experience in NGOs, she has been actively involved in post-war efforts to build peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fluent in French, Italian, and English, she has been a very important addition to our team. Armina’s storytelling, linguistic versatility and understanding of cultural nuances make her an essential and cherished member of our team. She is devoted to humanitarian work, volunteerism, and ecology.

Emin Gušo

With a rich background in the cruise industry, Emin has found his true calling as a tour guide for the past five years, thriving on creating personal connections with travelers and turning every journey into a unique and unforgettable experience. He has visited over 50 countries, encountering numerous nations and cultures, thus acquiring a guided vibe. His expertise also extends to tailoring tours that cater to the specific interests and preferences of our guests. Emin’s exploration journey has culminated in a wealth of knowledge, enriching his tours with deep insights.

Vildan Mujezin

The youngest member of our team – A final-year Political Science student, renowned for his infectious laughter. His well-prepared and proactive approach, combined with a natural flair for guiding others, adds a dynamic edge to our team. Beyond his role as a guide, he brings highly creative ideas to content creation and actively contributes to shaping our social media presence and guest experience.

Admir Salispahić

Also known as Zrno, brings a wealth of experience as a professional driver to our team. With a commitment to providing exceptional service, he is always ready to assist. Placing the safety of our clients as the top priority, Admir ensures that every journey is not only comfortable but also secure. As a devoted father of two, his caring and responsible nature creates a family-friendly atmosphere for our travellers.

Ejub Insanić

A graduate in Tourism- With over a decade of experience in tourism, he is passionate about creating unforgettable tour experiences for our clients. As a guide and tour leader for Balkan Tours and Eastern Europe, his deep knowledge of destinations and enthusiasm for sharing cultural insights make every journey captivating and memorable. Ejub captivates his audience with an intriguing storytelling style.

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