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The Best Shopping in Sarajevo

The Best Shopping in Sarajevo

The Best Shopping in Sarajevo Besides visiting historical, cultural and natural monuments on your holiday it is inevitable to do some shopping. It does not matter if you want to go shopping for yourself or get some presents for your family and friends, it is always good to know where you can get certain things. […]

The best of Balkan

The Best of Balkans

The best of Balkans The Balkan is a place known for its rich history and an extraordinary mix of cultures and religions. Situated in south-east Europe and named after a chain of mountains it is really an unexplored gem for travelers. Over thousands of years, it was an important area for business, religion, and many […]

Bosnia and Herzegovuba - Top European halal friendly country to visit

Bosnia and Herzegovina Top European Halal Friendly Country to Visit

When we talk about the destinations that have the ability to satisfy halal needs Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the top friendly places in Europe to visit. Why Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina a beautiful country. With untouched national parks, green rivers, emerald lakes, spectacular mountain views, and the most important friendly people. […]

Best things to do in Sarajevo

Best Things to do in Sarajevo

Best Things to do in Sarajevo Sarajevo is the capital city of Herzegovina and Bosnia. A small city located on the banks of Miljacka River and the city is surrounded by the beautiful Dinaric Alps. If you are wondering about what things to do in Sarajevo: The Sarajevo city center has several beautiful museums where […]

Visit Sarajevo and Visit Bosnia

Visit Sarajevo and Visit Bosnia

Since you are on this page we can assume that you have planned to visit Bosnia. If that is true we suggest you Visit Sarajevo and visit Bosnia as well. Sarajevo is one of the cities that offer a range of interesting and historical things in such a compact area.  The city has so much […]

Top 7 Unique Things to Do in Sarajevo

Top 7 Unique Things To Do In Sarajevo

Top 7 Unique Things To Do In Sarajevo Whenever you travel, especially to some new country, you always want to experience something new, something unique. But finding hidden gems in every city isn’t very easy. Some gems are hidden in plain sight, but you never know. So, I gathered some interesting and cool things to […]

Jahorina Olympic Mountain

Jahorina Mountain Olympic Pearl Next to Sarajevo

If you decide to spend your winter holidays in Jahorina Olympic Mountain in the vicinity of Sarajevo, you will most certainly be happy with your choice. When someone mentions Jahorina, the first thing coming to one’s mind is snow and skiing, because only Jahorina has Paradise valley. Meet Bosnia Travel promises the best wintertime and […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Meeting of Cultures

Sarajevo – Meeting of Cultures

Sarajevo, as the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, three times has been the center of world attention in the past. The first time the Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, the second time during the 14th Winter Olympics, and the third time during the siege of Sarajevo during the 90-those years of the last […]

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