Balkan Study Trip will lead you on a journey from the Neolithic to antiquity and to the present day the Balkans, a place inhabited by people who had a large impact on the world. Be it the Byzantine Empire or the Ottoman Empire or the spreading of religious ideas, the appeal of these regions is vast.

This influence opens up numerous possibilities for research, analysis, projects, and study trips. Collaboration with local experts or institutions can also produce fruitful results. Surely, there are other topics to explore as well as places for recreational activities and nature. Balkan Study Trip can be an excellent project for schools and universities as there is immense potential in the region.

Best of Balkan - Dubrovnik
Balkan Study trip – Dubrovnik

Balkans is a Place where you can find a High Percentage of Important Archaeological Sights

Experts have found traces of human settlements in the Balkans as early as the neolithic period. Excavation sites are located all around the Balkans; from Daorson and Jajce Mithraeum in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Heraclea Lyncestis in North Macedonia. The sites are pertaining to structures of different periods; antiquity, middle ages, etc.

Stećci-Bosnian Medieval Tumbstones
Balkan Study trip – Stećci-Bosnian Medieval Tombstones

War in Yugoslavia

A very significant event marked this region in recent history. The breakup of Yugoslavia ended up in a war that once again brought death, destruction, and genocide to Europe. This opened up thousands of questions and sparked debates, research papers. The causes of the war, the use of modern weapons, the role of propaganda, International Institutions such as UN and NATO, and the resulting humanitarian crisis. All of these issues are important and relevant and coming to the Balkans and exploring them on the grounds is definitely offering different insights.

Sarajevo Siege
Balkan Study trip – Sarajevo Center during the Siege

Balkan Study tripBalkan Study trip – Presentation

Explore Southeast Europe on a Balkan Study Trip

Undeniably, an important aspect to consider is the overall affordability of this Region. From accommodation to food you will pay less and in many cases get more than elsewhere. The cuisine of the Balkans has influences from all over the world but also unique and authentic features.

Numerous UNESCO sites are also at your disposal all around the Balkans. Simply put, the Balkan Study Trip will cost you less than a Study Trip in any other place in Europe. Thus, the combination of the research and study potential, together with the inexpensiveness should make you consider this part of the world for your Study Trip.

Balkan Study trip
Balkan Study trip- Parthenon Athens

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