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Srebrenica tour from Sarajevo | Greatest war crime after WW2

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  • Duration: 10h
  • Max people: 15
  • Pickup: Sarajevo
  • Min age: 5
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Drop-off: Sarajevo
What to expect from Srebrenica tour

The Srebrenica tour offers you an insight into the Past as well as the Preset and the Future related to life in Srebrenica. In that regard, this can be considered a study tour which will educate every participant about Genocide and post-war life in the city.

It is a special tour created in hope of raising awareness of the horrors that happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian war (1992-1995). On this full-day tour, you should equip yourself with understanding and patience, as this is quite complex and still a painful matter to the locals, yet due to that it’s extremely important. Undeniably, Srebrenica is the place of the worst atrocity in Europe since the end of World War II.

This terrible act of ethnic cleansing, defined as an act of genocide and recognized as such by The American Congress and the European Parliament, will probably change your perception of the war you might have had before visiting this place.

Starting our study tour from Sarajevo, we will pass through beautiful mountain regions in East Bosnia, as the guide provides more information and context of a situation in the 90s. Visiting Potočari Memorial Complex as part of research and study is highly important not only to learn about the tragedy but also to learn about how people live in present as well as their intentions with the Complex in the future. You will be able to visit an enormous graveyard, as well as the memorial exhibitions made by Srebrenica victims and an authentic photo-video exhibition at the former Dutch Batallion base.

As part of the study, we will make sure to arrange meetings with some of the survivors at your request, so you will be able to learn directly from the people who were present at Srebrenica at the time, and who live with the consequences of the human-committed atrocities. We will also show you the town and springs of healthy water in Srebrenica.

We will also show you the town and springs of healthy water in Srebrenica. Additionally, there is National Park, along with two medieval towns in close proximity. Srebrenica has a highly rich history that was unfortunately tainted by human-committed atrocities. On this study tour, we will do our best to cover the entirety of history and not just recent years.

Srebrenica tour highlights

  • Learn more about history of Srebrenica
  • Take a full-day tour from Sarajevo to Srebrenica
  • Learn more about the War in Bosnia (1992-1995) and Srebrenica Genocide
  • Visit Potočari Memorial Complex as a part of a study and research center
  • See the authentic photo and video exhibitions in former Dutch Batallion
  • Meet a person who survived the genocide
  • Meet present-day Srebrenica and speak to the surviving locals
  • See the life in Srebrenica after the genocide
  • See mineral water and medical springs
  • Witness authentic exhibitions made by survivors at the former Dutch Batallion Base

Srebrenica tour essential information

  • Departure & return locationGazi Husrev Begova 75 (Click to get directions)
  • Departure time08:00 AM
  • What's included Professional guide
    AC equipped vehicle
    Small group tour
    Entrance to Srebrenica Memorial Complex
    Free pick-up and drop-off
  • What's NOT includedPrivate tour
    Private expenses
    Food & beverages
  • Good to knowA private tour can be organized on request
    Tour can be customized on request
    Price depends on number of people
    Minimum required number of people for the tour is 2 - a private tour can be organized for 1 person

Srebrenica tour itinerary

About Srebrenica tour

Understanding  Genocide

By definition, genocide is the intentional destruction of people, usually defined by ethnic, national, racial, or religious groups and that is exactly what happened on a horrific July 11th, 1995. Srebrenica fell. The place that was guaranteed safety by the UN, was a protected area.

The fall of Srebrenica became the symbol of pain and the stage of the worst committed crimes against humanity since the Second World War. Armed soldiers and paramilitary units, separated locals, and murdered men, women, and children, with a total of more than 8000 victims.

That was not the end of the course, since their remains were mutilated and dispatched to various mass graves. Many were later on discovered and buried properly but never in one piece, usually a bone or two were found. Some were never discovered and are still considered missing. 

Memorial Center 

The High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch established the memorial and the museum in 2001 as a part of the Foundation “Srebrenica-Potocari”. Today, the complex serves as a warning and a memory for all the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide.

US President, Bill Clinton officially opened the memorial in 2003, and from that year onwards, surviving locals managed to discover several mass graves with their family’s remains. The scale of this atrocity is such large that identifying mass graves and victims is still active. Each year, we make small progress. Many are waiting for that.

You are going to see a lot of original photo and video exhibitions in the Memorial that will help you understand the level of crimes that happened there.

Besides the memorials, this tour covers many tragic stories from the 90s. Surely, after meeting the survivor of the Srebrenica genocide your perspective of this human tragedy will affect you and will probably change the perception you had before.

Later, our guide will show you live after the genocide since this tour will continue towards Srebrenica town. We will show you the springs of healthy water in the area around the city. This water contains two-valency fero, cobalt, nickel, copper, manganese etc. It is very healthy and has big potential in developing this area in the future.

Materials for the study

At your request, we can provide more sources and literature for your own personal continued study. This is not included in the tour or tour pricing. Depending on the materials we can offer some free and/or paid content.

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117 Reviews
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Joe M

Family Traveller

Thank you for the great service within the guided tours I booked in Sarajevo. After all: Adnan was the greatest and best guide for the type of tourists that we are. He gave us with the tour to Srebrenica very valuable information and we learned a lot about BIH. Great organisation, always in time, great service orientation.

August 29, 2023

Greg D

Solo Traveller

I cannot recommend this visit enough. Someone once wrote that you cannot visit Bosnia without visiting Srebrenica. Trying to understand. Bearing witness. I came to bear witness: it is a part of my work. It was emotional, painful and necessary. And a necessary journey for anyone. Meet Bosnia Tours were accommodating and extremely professional. The guide, Adnan, was wonderful: knowledgeable, empathetic, interested in us and anxious that we try to understand all that had taken place not just in Srebrenica, but in Bosnia then, and since. There were three of us on the tour. I was well acquainted with these painful events. The Italian couple who joined us was not, and learning was not easy…. Meet Bosnia Tours is highly, highly recommended, and this tour, while difficult and a very full day, is not just recommended: it is necessary. Thank you, Adnan and all at Meet Bosnia Tours.

August 29, 2023

Wolf R

Couple Traveller

Surely the most moving, but also instructive experience of our stay. Our excellent tourguide Eyoub managed to prepare us during the drive for the unforgettable visit to the memorial of Srebrenica. The memorial offers different approaches to the tragedy. Historical objectivity, empathy and respect for the victims and a multi-layered comprehensive view of the events.

August 26, 2023


Group Traveller

Very interesting and important tour, very well organized. The guide was great, very friendly and well-informed. Thank you!

August 25, 2023

Charles B

Solo Traveller

I had an excellent tour as part of a group to Srebrenecia. Adnan was a fantastic guide and extremely knowledgeable. The communication from Adi was brilliant and the staff in the Sarajevo office were very friendly. A memorable and moving experience and one I would certainly recommend to anyone visiting Bosnia. Thank you all!

August 23, 2023

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