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Rent a Bike or E-bike in Sarajevo | 2024 prices updated

Rent a bike or e-bike in this picturesque city and hop on a two-wheel journey filled with history and beauty.

Welcome to Sarajevo, a city where each street tells a story. For those keen on a unique adventure, renting a bike or an e-bike is your ticket to an unforgettable urban exploration.

Rent a Bike in Sarajevo: Experience on two wheels

There’s no better way to feel the pulse of Sarajevo than on a bike. With our easy-to-rent bikes, you’re not just a visitor; you’re a part of the city’s bustling life. Weave through the historic streets or take a leisurely ride along the river Miljacka – the choice is yours.

Rent an e-bike

Considering a more relaxed city sightseeing? Rent an e-bike in Sarajevo. Perfect for those who want the pleasure of cycling without too much effort. It’s like having a gentle push, just when you need it, allowing you to enjoy more without getting tired.

Our bike fleet

Renting a bike in Sarajevo offers a unique and enjoyable way to explore the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. It’s an ideal option for those who want to navigate the city’s charming streets and landmarks at their own pace, while also enjoying the outdoors. Cycling through Sarajevo allows visitors to experience the city’s unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, visit historical sites, and enjoy local cafes and markets. It’s a fun, eco-friendly, and flexible way to discover the city’s hidden gems and connect with its lively atmosphere. Bike rentals in Sarajevo cater to all levels of riders, ensuring a memorable adventure in this beautiful and historic city.

BMC Full Suspension Carbon 1

  • Quantity for rent: 1

The BMC Full Suspension Carbon 1 bike is a high-performance mountain bike designed for rugged terrain, featuring a lightweight yet durable carbon frame and advanced full suspension system for exceptional handling and comfort. It’s engineered for both efficiency and control, making it a top choice for enthusiasts and competitive riders seeking a bike that excels in challenging off-road conditions.

Hardtail Head

  • Quantity for rent: 5

The Hardtail Head bike is known for its robust and straightforward design, featuring a rigid rear frame combined with a front suspension fork for a balance of stability and shock absorption. Ideal for cross-country and trail riding, it offers an efficient and responsive ride, particularly well-suited for riders who prefer the simplicity and lower maintenance of a hardtail setup.

Our e-bike fleet

Exploring Sarajevo on an e-bike combines the joy of cycling with the convenience of electric assistance, making it an excellent choice for navigating the city’s diverse terrain. E-bikes offer a less strenuous way to traverse the city’s hills and cobblestone streets, allowing visitors to cover more ground and visit more sites without getting overly tired.

KTM Macina Kapoho 2973

  • Quantity for rent: 1

The KTM Macina Kapoho 2973 is an innovative electric mountain bike that combines a powerful motor with a sophisticated suspension system, ideal for tackling challenging terrains. It features a unique wheel setup with a larger front wheel for improved obstacle clearance and a smaller, more agile rear wheel, enhancing its off-road capabilities while providing a smooth and responsive riding experience.

Raymon E-SevenTrailRay 2.0

  • Quantity for rent: 1

The Raymon E-SevenTrailRay 2.0 is a versatile full-suspension electric mountain bike designed to handle a variety of terrains with ease and comfort. Equipped with a powerful electric motor and a robust battery, it offers substantial assistance for tackling steep climbs and long rides. Its full-suspension setup ensures a smooth ride over rough trails, making it a great choice for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking the added boost of electric power.

Specialised Como E-bike

  • Quantity for rent: 1

The Specialized Como e-bike is a stylish and comfortable electric bike designed for urban commuting and leisurely rides. It features a user-friendly, low-step frame design for easy mounting and dismounting, and is equipped with a smooth, efficient electric motor that provides ample power for city rides. The Como combines the convenience of an e-bike with the comfort and ease of a cruiser, making it a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and enjoyable ride for everyday use.

Where to find us?

Conveniently located, our travel agency is your starting point to rent a bike in Sarajevo. Step in, pick your ride, and let the adventure begin! Find us at Gazi Husrev begova 75.

Pricing that suits everyone

We believe exploring Sarajevo shouldn’t break the bank. Whether you rent a bike or an e-bike, our prices are friendly, just like our service. Choose what works best for you – hourly, daily, or even longer.

Rent a bike price: 30€

Rent an e-bike price: 75€

Bmc full suspension carbon 1 price: 75€

Your safety, our priority

Every bike and e-bike is meticulously maintained because your safety matters to us. Equipped with helmets and locks, we ensure you’re set for a safe ride around Sarajevo.

Freedom to explore like a local

Renting a bike or an e-bike in Sarajevo gives you the liberty to blend in like a local. Stop by a café, chat with the residents, or discover a hidden alley. It’s more than sightseeing; it’s experiencing life in Sarajevo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started with renting a bike in Sarajevo?

It’s simple! Contact us via e-mail or phone, or event better: drop by our shop – we’ll have you set up in no time.

I’m interested in an e-bike. What should I know about renting one in Sarajevo?

Our e-bikes are user-friendly and perfect for a hassle-free ride around the city.

What routes would you recommend for the best cycling experience in Sarajevo?

We’ve got maps highlighting the most scenic and enjoyable routes just for you. If you opt for more advanced tours, contact our agency to set up a private bike or e-bike tour.

Booking ahead is a good idea, especially during peak seasons, but we always try to accommodate walk-ins.

Booking ahead is a good idea, especially during peak seasons, but we always try to accommodate walk-ins.

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