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Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Help for those in need

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are bringing you a list of verified charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina where you can donate and help those in need of your help.

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Pomozi.ba

The Association Pomozi.ba is a non-profit humanitarian organization that helps vulnerable people throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. The Pomozi. ba teams assist in meeting the basic human needs of returnees, old and infirm persons, single mothers, families without permanent income, children without parents, people with disabilities, the sick, migrants…Since its establishment in 2012 until today, the Pomozi.ba Association has helped around 700,000 people through various projects and humanitarian actions.

For socially vulnerable categories of society, the association collects and provides material aid, food, medicine, hygiene products, shoes, clothes, furniture, and white goods, as well as other necessities. They financially assist in the treatment of seriously ill persons and also help in providing housing for people in extremely difficult financial situations. condition.

Their goal is to be humane and encourage others to show humanity, solidarity and cooperation.

Learn more about this association and see their active campaigns on their website.  Please keep in mind that the website is in the Bosnian language, and therefore, is hard to understand if you are unfamiliar with the Bosnian language. If that is the case, we advise you to activate the Google Translate plugin or to automatically translate the website. 

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Association, Humanitarian Organisation International Forum of solidarity-Emmaus Doboj Istok (IFS-EMMAUS) is a local NGO established in 1999 to assist vulnerable population groups. IFS-EMMAUS operates on the territory of all countries since it numbers 260 employees, 50 active volunteers and a network of offices in Doboj lstok, Sarajevo, Srebrenica and Zvornik. It represents one of the biggest auto-sufficient NGOs in the country and wider.

Their mission is to create, support and vivify resources in which everyone, by being free and respected can comply with their needs and show mutual solidarity. On the other hand, their vision is to act so that every man, every society, and every nation can live, demonstrate and achieve through exchange and share in equal dignity!”

You can learn more about this association by visiting their website.

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina


“Dom-porodica” is a public institution in Zenica whose main activity is the care of children without parental care. This institution of social protection was founded back in 1960 by the decision of the then People’s Committee of the Municipality of Zenica. The building of the Home was purpose-built to accommodate children of different ages, from babies to youth. In addition to adequate accommodation, the Institution provides children with optimal living conditions and a multidisciplinary approach to the creation of each growth and development plan.

The original capacity of the “Family Home” was intended to accommodate 184 children, sometimes even more, given that there was also a triage department for temporary accommodation. The baby care department in the sixties offered accommodation for 40 babies while the other children were cared for in 12 separate groups, the so-called “families”, which numbered 12 children each.

Learn more about this institution by visiting their website.

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Institution for social care and health care – Drin Fojnica is an institution of special social interest in the field of social protection, founded in 1955. The activity of the Institution includes the provision of social care services, psychosocial rehabilitation and primary health support to people with intellectual disabilities, combined disabilities and people with mental and psycho-organic diseases.

Currently, the Institution houses 500 users with intellectual disabilities, and people with mental and psycho-organic diseases, of different ages (from 1 to 91 years old), from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The number and complex structure of the beneficiaries rank this institution among the largest and most complex institutions of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During its 65 years of existence, thanks to the enthusiasm, humanity and professionalism of its employees, the “Drin” Institution developed and grew, and managed to become a reputable social and health institution, which professionally and humanely responds to the needs of its users and protects their interests, striving as best as possible integrate into their social environment.

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. JU „Dom za stara i iznemogla lica“ Goražde

The public institution “Home for the Old and Infirm” of Goražde was founded in 1997 in the area of ​​Bosansko
– Podrinje canton of Goražda with the help of European Union funds as a social and health institution for institutional care, i.e. provision of social health services for the elderly, chronically sick and exhausted persons.

The home was opened on December 29, 1997, under the name: Public Institution “Home for the Old and Infirm”

Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina


On July 28, 1994, 58 citizens of Sarajevo – intellectuals, theatre, art and literary workers, soldiers and policemen and ordinary citizens formed the Foundation/Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina”, with the mission of children of war victims – our permanent concern, which is a crucial vision that discerned the essential consequences of the war – the destruction of educational institutions and the collapse of the education system.

After 27 years of work, in 2021, the initiator of the idea, one of the founders and our long-time executive director, Jovan Divjak, passed away. In memory of him, the Association changed its name to the Association “Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina – Jovan Divjak”.

In its twenty-nine years of operation, the Association is at daily service to children and youth victims of war, children and youth with disabilities, as well as talented children/youth, children/youth of the Roma national minority and those in social need. The association – with open doors, fully achieved the basic part of the mission – we were first moral and then material support for children, young people and their parents/guardians in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2021, the association were declared as an Association of special importance for the City of Sarajevo and an Association of public interest for the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo. Also, they are proud of the fact that in 2016 they received the April 6 Award of the City of Sarajevo.

In addition to this, they are also holders of the Freedom Award (International Center for Peace), Plaques of the Ministry of Education and Science of the FBiH, Golden Plaques of the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo in 2010 and 2021, Plaques of the Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals, Certificates of Appreciation from the University of Sarajevo, awards from BH Telecom for proud partners and over 100 thank you cards from partner organizations and schools. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Association JP BH Pošta doo issued a postage stamp “25 years of the Association Education builds BiH”.

If you ever have any doubt about donating to some of the charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, feel free to contact us with the subject “Charity foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina” and we will try to help you as much as we can. Also, we are continuously updating the information provided and therefore they are as reliable as possible.

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