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Sarajevo Guide for Vegans – Vegetarians

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Sarajevo Guide for Vegans and Vegetarians

Coming to the Balkan area in general for vegans and vegetarians isn’t easy. Why? Balkan area isn’t quite familiar with vegan and vegetarian customs and the core of almost all of our dishes is MEAT. People who decide not to consume any of the meat will surely have some difficulties finding their way around. So, I prepared this special blog as a guide for vegans and vegetarians to ease your troubles while traveling and taking many local tours. Keep in mind that some of the places on this list also serve meat. Since it’s the main ingredient in the Bosnian kitchen, it’s unavoidable for restaurants not to serve any of it. For all these places, you have addresses attached, along with the working hours, that way you can easily plan out your day. 



IG @ascinicaasdz

First, we are going to start with one traditional Bosnian restaurant with vegan and vegetarian food choices. Located in the heart of Old town in Sarajevo, restaurant Asdž offers delicious food prepared with a lot of dedication. Home-cooked local food with vegan and vegetarian options like Bosnian pie with potatoes, cooked beans, salads, vegetarian pan or fried vegetables are just some of the meals this restaurant offers. We highly recommend this restaurant in the heart of Sarajevo.

Address: Mali Churciluk 3 

Work hours: Mon-Sat  8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


FB @Karuzo

In the heart of the city, this amazing restaurant is one of the rare places in Sarajevo where you can’t find meat or eggs. It offers a very interesting mix of vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine. The owner of this amazing place will wish you a warm welcome and personally cook for you. If you have special wishes, the chef will recommend you what to eat, so it will be suitable and according to your taste.  Surely you will enjoy this cool place. This unique restaurant will capture your heart.

Additional note, this is a non-smoking place. I do have to point out one more thing, and that’s the amazing talent and passion of the owner and the chef since this chef is pretty much the only person in the region that went to “Cordon-Vert” Vegetarian Cookery School in the UK. An extra point to the chef and high recommendations for this place. 


Address: Dženetća Čikma bb 

Work hours: Mon-Fri 12 PM    Mon-Fri 12:00pm-3:00pm, Mon-Sat 6:00pm-11:00pm



IG @klopa.sarajevo

Klopa is a slang term in the Bosnian language that signifies really good and really tasty food. The name definitely suits this restaurant as their Chefs make amazing dishes. The interior of this place is amazing, you are surrounded by flowers and wooden elements. As for the food, it’s irresistible. They have veg-options and gluten-free meals, but also meat offers. Italian, Mediterranean, Eastern and Central European dishes, you name it they make it. I highly recommend this place.


Address: Ferhadija 5

Work hours: Mon-Sat 9 AM-11 PM Sun: 1 PM-11 PM


IG @nanina_kuhinja_

Another amazing place, the name is literally translated as “Grandma’s Kitchen”, and everyone loves good old grandma’s cooking. This place has veg-options but as you may have guessed it also serves meat. Interesting thing is that this is a traditional Bosnian restaurant, but they serve hot vegan organic lunch vegan sweets and cakes. And you can even call ahead and make your order. A skillful chef will make you fall in love with this place. They have gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and vegetarian food but most importantly fresh food.


Address: Kundurdžiluk 35

Work hours: Mon-Sun 8 AM – 11 PM



Shouldn’t the Taj Mahal be in India? Well, welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina where all parts of the world are combined.  This is a very interesting place. As an Indian restaurant, they have a lot of vegetables included in their dishes. Besides vegetables, the main secret to Indian cuisine is the very delicate usage of spices. So, if you are worried about food being too spicy, fear not. These Chefs know exactly how to make food taste like heaven. Veg-options available but they also serve meat. You can call them and get a take-out, but I’d suggest that you visit them. The place is very nice and has an authentic vibe to it. 

FB @Indijski restoran Taj Mahal Sarajevo

Address:  PAROMLINSKA 48/A 

Work hours: Mon-Sat: 10 AM-11 PM, Sun 5 PM- 11 PM


IG @juiceandsmoothies.ba

Not really food place but as the name suggest you can get some juices and smoothies here. This place can be found in the two biggest shopping centers in Sarajevo – BBI, and SCC. You can choose from a variety of juices and smoothies, with very attractive and creative names. Personally I can rarely make up my mind what exactly to take, the menu is huge, but the nice ladies that work there always help me out while choosing my smoothie/juice. It’s refreshing during hot summer days and keeps you from getting cold during the winter. Perfect for every season and every occasion. 

Address: Abadžiluk 9 and Vrbanja 1 

Work hours: Mon-Sat 8 AM- 9 PM,  Sunday 9 AM -6 PM


IG @zdravoizdravije

Last but not least is the restaurant Zdravo. This vegan bistro and concept store offers a relaxing break with arabica coffee, a refreshing drink or a bite of healthy food and sweet delicacies. Very modern and eco-friendly place in the town. Perfect spot for vegetarians or vegans. It is a non-smoking, very clean and bright restaurant,  within 5-7 min from the  Sarajevo city center by car.

Address:  Dzemala Bijedica, Naselje Miljacka 160F

Work hours: Tue- Sat 10 AM- 9 PM


IG @kasahana.sa

The new place for a healthy breakfast. Breakfast as the main meal of the day is the favorite for most people.  In Kasahana you can order warm oatmeal with additions consisting of nuts, fresh fruits, nuts, homemade chia jam, etc. In addition, they offer chia pudding and sandwiches/toast on homemade avocado bread and nuts and fresh fruit. They use mostly local products. Porridge contains everything you need to feed your body, so this place can be a great start of your day.

Address: Kranjčevićeva 11

Work hours: Mon – Fri  7:30 AM – 4 PM




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