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Sarajevo public transport guide will provide you enough information to easily get around the city. Ticket prices, taxi companies and much more.

How public transportation works in Sarajevo?

City transport system basically consists from tram, trolleybus, bus and minibus lines, run by two different companies – publicly owned GRAS and private company CENTROTRANS. Generally speaking, the quality of GRAS services is at a much lower level – they are often not punctual, they miss the rides, their vehicles are poorly maintained and often dirty, drivers and conductors rude. The tickets from one company can not be used in the vehicles of another (except monthly and annual tickets), and there are different tickets for trams, buses, trolleybuses and minibuses.

Photography by: Radoš Jovanović

Types of tickets in public transport

There are tickets for a single, two and five rides available, as well as daily and 10-days tickets for all transport means, but only for the central city zone A – which does, though, extend to Ilidža, Vogošća, Dobrinja and Old Town – Baščaršija. After leaving the vehicle, one needs to get a new single ride ticket or stamp again the one for several rides, if he/she wants to continue the ride.

Public transport ticket prices in Sarajevo

Tickets that are needed for any form of public transportation can be purchased at kiosks (for 1.60 KM) or from the driver (for 1.80 BAM).

There are also multi-ride tickets available for the trams, which are ideal if you plan on using public transport for getting around town: for two rides they cost 3.00 BAM, for five rides 7.10 BAM, and for children tickets 0.50 BAM. The daily ticket costs 5.30 BAM, and 10-days one 37.20 BAM. You must have your tickets punched or stamped upon entering the vehicle. The ticket for the commercial line between Bašćaršija and Dobrinja costs 2.00 BAM. Single ticket for the Bašćaršija-Airport line costs 5.00 BAM, and return 8.00 BAM. Both GRAS and CENROTRANS have also their own kiosks or sales points at several locations in town, where daily and 10-days tickets are sold.

Note: BAM is official currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina in local language also known as “KM” – Convertible Mark.

Make sure to check the ticket

You should be careful to check the ticket – if it is not possible for any reason (often the machines don’t work), inform the driver. It is a known fact that the controllers often scam foreign tourists if they find them without a ticket or with improperly stamped or punched tickets.

How to get from airport to city center?

Airport to Sarajevo City Center

A bus line runs between the Sarajevo International airport and Baščaršija, coinciding with flight schedules.

Transportation to mountains around Sarajevo

Sarajevo to Bjelasnica, Jahorina and Igman

Buses to Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina mountains run only during the winter sports season.

Most important stops by transport company

GRAS Stops – Public company

  • Ćumurija Str 4 (near Hotel “Central”)
  • Tram stop Ilidža
  • Tram stop Stup (underground passage)
  • Tram stop Alipašin most
  • Trolleybus stop Dobrinja
  • Trolleybus stop Otoka
  • Bus stop Vogošća

CENTROTRANS Stops – Private company

  • Alipašina Str 45A
  • Corner Bulevar Meše Selimovića/Ante Babića Str (Alipašino Polje)
  • Bulevar Meše Selimovića (opposite Television Building)
  • Trolleybus stop Dobrinja
  • Trolleybus stop Baščaršija
  • Tram stop ilidža
Tram stop - Photography by: Radoš Jovanović

Most important lines by mean of transport

Tram lines
  • Line no. 3 goes all the way around the town, from Baščaršija to Ilidža,a passing through main streets (M.M. Bašeskije and Marshall Tito’s) in direction of Ilidža, and on the banks of Miljacka river when going towards Old Town – Baščaršija
  • Line no. 1 from main (intercity) bus station and railway station to Old Town
  • Line no. 4 from main bus & railway station to ilidža
Trolleybus lines
  • Line no. 103 from Austrijski square to Dobrinja – it brings you close to the airport, and intercity bus station in the Serbian part (Sarajevo East)
  • Line no. 102 from Otoka to Jezero (where is Sarajevo Zoo, and by Olympic Stadium and Ice Skating Hall “Zetra”)
  • Line no. 107 from Dobrinja to Jezero; it is possible to get onto this line and no 102. e.g. at the stop by Alipasha Mosque
Sarajevo Public Transport Map
Sarajevo Public Transport Map

Taxi service in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo, one can find many taxi companies and we’ve shortened the list with their telephone numbers. 

Important note: Be aware of taxi scams when you arrive, make sure the taximeter is on and advice is to ask the driver the approximate price for the ride.

  • Crveni taxi Phone: +387 (33) 760 600
  • Sarajevo taxiPhone: +387 (33) 1515
  • Samir & Emir TaxiPhone: +387 (33) 15 16
  • Paja taxiPhone: +387 (33) 15 22
  • Kale taxi+387 (33) 570 900

Frequently asked questions

How to get from Sarajevo old town to East Sarajevo bus station? You can take a taxi, trolleybus or bus. A taxi is the best option if you have a lot of luggage. If you prefer public transport you can ride a trolleybus line Trg Austrije – Dobrinja, then walk a few meters. Or, choose a private company Centrotrans line Vijećnica – Dobrinja, take the last exit then walk a few meters.

How to get from Sarajevo to main bus station? Easy, take a tram line 1 from the city centre directly to the Railway station, the bus station will be around 100 meters away.

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