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The Most Beautiful Cave Around Sarajevo | Bijambare Caves


What is Bijambare protected area?

Bijambare caves are located not far from Sarajevo and they are an amazing place to visit. In addition to that, it is a protected area.

Bosnia is becoming more popular every year and many tourists visit Bosnia hoping to see the most popular cities and monuments such as Bascarsija square in Sarajevo and the old bridge of Mostar. This is understandable and even desirable but it leaves plenty of Bosnia’s natural and historic beauty unexplored. If you visit Sarajevo and see everything you wanted within the city and think there’s nothing more to don’t despair, luckily there are still places to explore in the near vicinity.

The Bijambare caves protected landscape is an official name for this natural monument, located some 40 min drive from Sarajevo, next to Sarajevo-Tuzla (M-18) road in Ilijaš municipality.

Bijambare caves
Bijambare caves (photo by: Catherine Lekić)

Meet Bosnia Travel offers a daily tour from Sarajevo which covers nature parks Spring of river Bosna and the Bijambare cave tour.

Bijambare Cave and Spring of River Bosna

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When arriving from the river Ljubina valley, after climbing some 150 meters altitude, the traveller finds himself at the beginning of the spacious Nišići plateau between small towns called Srednje and Olovo. The protected area covers some 497 hectares, and its main elevation is around 950 meters above sea level. Covered in thick evergreen forests, it also contains some lovely pastures that are crisscrossed by two streams which give rise to several small but beautiful lakes.

Visitors wishing to visit Bijambare caves can enjoy landscapes of incredible natural beauty while riding in the tourist electric train, have access to walking and biking trails, use the bike rentals service, as well as a chance to rest and have some refreshments or drink the traditional Bosnian coffee in a cosy mountain hut.

There is huge parking in front of the entrance so you do not need to worry about where you will park the car, or if you choose our Bijambare cave and spring of river Bosna tour we will take good care of you. In case you are visiting as a family, don’t miss the ride with a tourist train that will ride you from the entrance of the complex to the cave. 

The location of the caves and their surrounding area is really picturesque and if you are a photography and nature lover you’ll most certainly love this place. If you are visiting the caves with your girlfriend/boyfriend, family, or friends it is an amazing location to grab a photo or to so you can always remember this awesome place close to Sarajevo. 

Bijambare protected area
Bijambare protected area (photo by: Chaterine Lekić)

The area is distinguished by its great biodiversity. There are 133 different communities of life found, and their structure is made by over 800 higher plant species. It is especially rich with species belonging to the group of medical flora, healing, edible, aromatic, and vitaminic plants. Different medullary plants are present as well. There are also numerous representatives of fauna – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, molluscs, insects, and other animal groups at a lower level of development.


More about Bijambare caves?

There are 8 caves in total, but only the Middle cave can be visited. Main Bijambare cave is full of striking formations (stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, basins, pillars…), and about 500 meters of the cave are open to the public. Particularly interesting is the fourth hall, which is due to its exceptional acoustics called the “concert hall”. The cave is closed to the public between December and April.

In other months entrance into the cave is possible during several daily terms (more during the weekends), and the number of visitors who can enter in one term is limited to 30. Entrance to the Protected landscape costs 2 BAM for adults, and for the main cave 3 BAM. The electric train costs 1 BAM per person in one direction. The tickets can be bought only at the information point.

Bijambare Cave - Main Cave
Bijambare - Main Cave

In the Upper Cave, traces of human presence have been found. Tools and weapons from the Stone Age, are now exhibited in the National Museum in Sarajevo. Bijambare protected landscape area includes also a necropolis of Bosnian medieval tombstones (stećak) „Mramorje“ – these are now listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Author: Tarik Dreca

If you want to see more beautiful places like Bijambare caves around Sarajevo, we advise you to check our Lukomir village tour, since it is a National monument due to its significance.

Lukomir hiking village

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We are sincerely hoping that the Bijambare caves blog post helped you to understand the beauty and the potential that is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are a really small country that has a lot to offer. So, every time you come to Sarajevo, or anywhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina, make sure to read our “Bijambare caves blog” or blogs similar to it. You never know what location will be interesting you and maybe it will save time spent on Google searching for interesting and amazing locations you can visit while in our country. 

Furthermore, following this link you can find an ideal tour for yourself and we’ll do the rest for you because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

If you are a traveller who would like to add something to our list, or you are having trouble finding a new, similar to Bijambare, location to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, make sure you contact us with the message subject “Bijambare caves” and it will be our pleasure to provide you with a few locations.

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