The Best Way to Get From Sarajevo to Belgrade

Sometimes You ask the question what is the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade? It will be very easy to choose the best suitable way after this article.

“They looked at the paper and saw nothing in those curving lines, but they knew and understood everything, for their geography was in their blood and they felt biologically their picture of the world.”

Ivo Andrić, “The Bridge on the Drina” book was inspired by Višegrad Bridge which is seen on Meet Bosnia’s transfer tour from Sarajevo to Belgrade.

Did you decide to take a tour of the Balkan region? Great! You somehow got to Sarajevo but you want to go to Belgrade next? Look no further…This is absolutely the best place that provides you with important information that is crucial for your travelling. Your safety, comfort, and happiness are our top priorities!

So here we present to you our guide “The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade” with a few ways to get transferred from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Belgrade (Serbia).

The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade - Panoramic view on Belgrade
The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade

1st way - Sarajevo to Belgrade transfer

The BEST way to get a transfer from Sarajevo to Belgrade (safety and experience included) would be via tour. Meet Bosnia agency provides a wonderful tour that includes a full-day guided tour from Sarajevo to Belgrade.

On this Meet Bosnia’s full-day tour you will visit Višegrad, Andrićgrad, and Drvengrad.

Ethno Village Drvengrad is a very interesting and peculiar place. Drvengrad means wooden town and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Everything is made of timber from conifer trees. It is located in the Zlatibor region in the nature park Mokra Gora, in Serbia. This town would be visited on this tour.

“I lost my city [Sarajevo] during the war. That is why I wished to build my own village. It bears a German name: Küstendorf. I will organize seminars there, for people who want to learn how to make cinema, concerts, ceramics, painting. It is the place where I will live and where some people will be able to come from time to time. There will be of course some other inhabitants who will work. I dream of an open place with cultural diversity which sets up against globalization.” -EMIR KUSTURICA


We offer you the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade with amazing three stops that will leave you speechless!

The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade

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The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade

2nd way - BY BUS

For those who look for experience, trains could be a fun way to get transferred from one place to another. But here’s a thing about trains in the Balkans, in general, they aren’t the most reliable way of transport. Sometimes they work, sometimes they just don’t.

Here we provide You with a timeline of buses from Sarajevo to Belgrade starting every day from Sarajevo Bus station and East Sarajevo bus station.

You don’t need to book your ticket in advance, most of the time there are available tickets when you get to the bus station.

Let`s say that we do the opposite and that we start with a bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo. In that case, a bus may arrive at a different bus station.  As for the price…they can be quite high. Even more than 100 euros. They aren’t the most reliable in this story.

But let’s say that you do get transferred to Sarajevo from Belgrade., there’s still a catch. You will be at the station “East Sarajevo” and that’s basically another city.  Therefore you will need to get yourself to the city. There are a few ways.

The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade

3rd way - USING A CAB

Taxies can be a comfortable and fast way of transport, but here in the Balkans, there is always a catch. There are a lot of taxi companies and they don’t always work the same way and the prices aren’t the same. For example, you can choose one of the most popular companies and the fact that you just sat in the car will cost you 1.90 KM. At first, it doesn’t seem a lot but as you travel price can reach 40 KM from the bus station to the city. In some other companies, you have a price of 1.50 KM.

But, of course, there is still a big issue with the so-called “wild taxi” and taxi scams. Wild taxi is all taxi drivers that use their personal car and aren’t related to one company. They don’t pay tax and in case of a scam, you can’t file a complaint or do anything about it.

When it comes to taxi scams a lot of taxi drivers don’t turn on their taximeter when driving tourists and later they can say whatever price they want. Another tip is that you go off the bus station or airport runway, cross the street and then catch a taxi. Be sure that Taxi in Sarajevo has TA letters on a car plate, which makes them an Official and legal taxi company in Sarajevo. So be careful and choose wisely. The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade, in our opinion is certainly not a cab drive since it is not safe enough and it is very expensive. 

The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade


Okay, this is for people who want the experience. You can always drive in trams since you can catch one every 5-10 mins and tickets are cheap, 1.80 KM for one ticket. You buy tickets from the driver and don’t forget to validate the ticket in the machine which is located in every tram in Sarajevo.

When I said people who are looking for experience, keep in mind that trams here are quite old. A lot of Bosnians will make jokes and say that they are even from the Austro-Hungarian period. They are noisy and often packed with people because it’s a cheap way of transport. Besides the noise for a lot of people, they shake way too much.

It will most definitely not ride you to Belgrade but it can lead you to our agency where you can choose us as the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade. However, if you choose otherwise, the tram can successfully lead you close to our Sarajevo Bus station where you can catch a bus to Belgrade. So now that you know how to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade you might be a little puzzled and wonder if you should come at all. Well, it’s a good thing I saved the best for the end.

Trams in Sarajevo
The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade: Trams in Sarajevo

Our stops on our Sarajevo to Belgrade tour


Višegrad is a town on the Drina river in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the valley of the Drina, in the hilly slopes gently rising high into the mountains. Besides the numerous small alleys and streets, what’s truly breathtaking in this city is The Old Stone Bridge.

Ivo Andrić, Winner of the 1961 Nobel Prize for Literature, wrote the famous novel “The Bridge on the Drina”. It is a historical novel. The story spans about four centuries and covers the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian periods of the region, with a particular emphasis on the lives, destinies, and relations of the local inhabitants.

For a man filled with a great, true and unselfish love, even if it be on one side only, there open horizons and possibilities and paths which are closed and unknown to so many clever, ambitious, and selfish men.

Ivo Andrić, The Bridge on the Drina

The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade - Visegrad stop

Andrićgrad & Drvengrad

Just nearby this famous bridge is another tourist attraction – Andrićgrad (Andrictown) also known as Kamengrad (Stonetown). Andrićgrad is a project of a famous film director Emir Kusturica, inspired by works and characters of mentioned famous writer, Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andrić.

It is a tourist, cultural, administrative, and educational complex, situated on a peninsula between the rivers Drina and Rzav in Višegrad. It is actually a vision of how Višegrad would have looked like if the Renaissance and other historical periods had not gone by it.

If you are interested in old architecture, or you travel across Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia You should definitely visit Višegrad, Andrićgrad and Drvengrad at least for one day.

This tour would be the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade. The tour from Sarajevo to Belgrade will last a full day. You will be picked up from your hotel in Sarajevo and taken to a hotel in Belgrade at the end of the trip. The price of this tour is 99€ per person.

If you choose Meet Bosnia as the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade, stop in Višegrad which includes these picturesque sights in Višegrad are included in the tour, and in the price as well.

Want to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade?

We offer an unmatched experience and a full-day tour to remember. Sit down, relax and enjoy your transfer and our professional driver will do the rest.

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The winner of our guide “The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade” if you are looking to create some new and amazing memories is definitely our Sarajevo to Belgrade transfer. It is a little more expensive than the bus ride but the service and the offer are unmatchable. We’re sure that you’ll have a time of your life if you choose our offer as the best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade. 

So, make sure to read our guide “The best way to get from Sarajevo to Belgrade” and save time spent on Google searching for the ideal option. Also, as we mentioned above, you can always book our Sarajevo to Belgrade tour following this link.

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