What to Eat in Sarajevo – 5 great restaurants

What to Eat in Sarajevo – 5 great restaurants

What to eat in Sarajevo is a guide whose main purpose is to help you decide where and what you can eat while in Sarajevo. When you travel, the most important thing is to know where to stay, where and what to eat. Sure, it might be easy in some other countries where you can find a variety of food. Everyone loves burgers and fries, but here in Sarajevo, you absolutely HAVE to try Bosnian traditional and national food. We gathered some of the most popular and definitely the tastiest local restaurants where you can get your bellies filled with extraordinary food.
Top 5 Food Places in Sarajevo
Top 5 Food Places in Sarajevo

#1 Ćevabdžinica  NUNE

We are starting off with Bosnia and Herzegovina national dish – ćevapi. Ćevapi is a grilled dish made out of minced meat. You can find this type of food in other countries as well since the Ottomans brought it to the Balkans around 1500. But only in Bosnia, they are considered to be a national dish. Now, since it’s a national dish, obviously many restaurants will serve it but here is the best one in the entire city of Sarajevo and that is – NUNE.

Nune restaurant is a ćevabdžinica, which means that they mainly serve ćevapi alongside some other BBQ dishes. This place has a long tradition and it’s existed since 1967. It’s near the old town and many locals love to visit this place. Some even come from the other side of the city just to eat here. If you want to try the best ćevapi ever this is your place to go.

Address: Ferhadija 12, Sarajevo 71 000

Work hours: MON-SAT 8 AM -9 PM

#2 Buregdžinica BOSNA

Ćevapi are quite popular but there is a dish that deserves even more praise. Very traditional dish and very hard to make but when it’s made properly, “even the dead mouth would eat it” (old Bosnian saying, meaning that something is very delicious ). I am talking about pie (but not a pie you are probably imagining at the moment). Pies are traditional dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most famous pie is meat pie – BUREK. The restaurant where you can eat pies is called buregdžinica – which means they serve pie and nothing else.

Besides meat pie – Burek, you can also find other types of pie such as potato pie, cheese pie, spinach pie, pumpkin pie, etc. Buregdžinica Bosna is definitely the most famous place that sells pies. This place is always packed with people dying to eat their pies. They have quite a long tradition and many locals choose to go to this restaurant with freshly baked pies. It’s a vegan-friendly place, and it’s always great to visit it with your friends and family.

Address: Bravadžiluk 11, Sarajevo 71 000

Work hours: MON-SUN 8 AM – 11 PM

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#3 Aščinica ASDŽ

Since I explained what is ćevabdžinica and what is buregdžinica, all it’s left is to explain what aščinica is. Aščinica is a place where you can eat traditional Bosnian cuisine, with a wide variety of dishes. Stuffed bell peppers, sogan dolma, and sarma are just some of the delicacies that you can find in the most popular aščinica in Sarajevo which is ASDŽ.

Besides the main courses, they have traditional desserts such as kadaif and baklava, as well as kompot which is made of freshly plucked fruit. What’s interesting about this place is that they will serve you food in sahan – traditional plates and pots made out of metal. I highly recommend this place.

Address: Ćurčiluk mali 3, Sarajevo 71 000

Work hours: 8 AM – 9 PM


After talking about main dishes and amazing cuisine, it’s time to talk about sweets. The best possible place to taste and buy traditional Bosnian dessert is Baklava dućan. This place offers traditional, authentic, and 100% handmade local desserts. Their recipes were being passed through generations for 200 years. Their most famous dessert is so called “Džandar baklava” or King of all baklavas, baklava of all baklavas….You will make a huge mistake if you don’t visit this place and try a piece of these sweets.

Address:  Čizmedžiluk 20, Sarajevo 71 000

Work hours: MON-SAT 10 AM-19PM; SUN 10 AM-16PM


Last but not least, this place is a small cafe. It’s hidden from the eyes of tourists and it’s basically a hidden gem. What’s so special in this small cafe is that they have salep. It’s a hot beverage ideal for cold winter days. This particular drink was brought to this area by the Ottomans. Salep is made out of dried tubers of the orchid genus Orchis. This cafe was opened in 2011., but the family-owned this place since 1948. when some of the first modern cafes in Sarajevo were opened. I highly recommend you to visit this small, but very interesting place and try salep.

Address: Čizmedžiluk 9, Sarajevo 71 000

Work hours: MON-SUN 8AM- 23PM

With our What to eat in Sarajevo guide, hopefully, you have found enough information for your yummy stay in Sarajevo. Our traditional food is really delicious and we would recommend everyone to try it. From our perspective, everyone who tried wanted to eat it again. As locals in Sarajevo, we really presented you with the top 5 choices and places where locals go to eat our fantastic cuisine.

So, every time you come to Sarajevo, make sure to read our “What to eat in Sarajevo guide” and save time spent on Google searching for good eating options. Also, you can always book our free city tour following this link and we will show you the locations first hand.

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