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Sarajevo hiking trails | Best hiking in Bosnia | Part 1

Sarajevo hiking trails are an ideal way to spend your time in Bosnia as it is famous for its numerous mountains attracting tourists around the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous for its numerous mountains. Hiking in Bosnia is attracting numerous tourists around the world who are in need of good recreation and beautiful sceneries.

In our first part of the Hiking in Bosnia article, we will write about hiking trails around Sarajevo.

Sarajevo hiking trails

Facts about Sarajevo

Let us first tell you a few interesting facts about Sarajevo. It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located on the Balkan peninsula. It is situated at 550 meters of altitude and surrounded by three mountains: Bjelasnica (native: Bjelašnica), Igman, Trebevic (native: Trebević).

The city itself is divided into two parts by the Miljacka river which flows throughout the city. It has mostly continental climate and what represents this type of climate is warm summer months with a temperature above 25°C and cold winter months with temperatures up to -20°C, but the average in recent years is around 0°C to -5°C.

Sarajevo hiking trails

Sarajevo hiking - Mountains around Sarajevo

These three mountains that are surrounding Sarajevo are actually Olympic mountains. In 1984 Sarajevo was a host to the Winter Olympic Games. In that period these three mountains were fully equipped and prepared for all activities and competitions. As you can imagine, they are part of our Sarajevo hiking trails article for a good reason.

Bjelasnica (Bjelasnica) is the highest of those three mountains where the highest peak is at 2067 meters above sea level. It is called Bjelasnica, which in the native language means white („Bijelo“ is white in the Bosnian language). Back then in 1984 hosted alpine ski events. In recent years a lot of things were done to improve the infrastructure of the Olympic centre Bjelasnica. Ski lifts were introduced, as well as an artificial snowing system. One can find many hotels, apartments and restaurants upon the arrival to Bjelasnica.

Igman is a mountain plateau with a peak at 1510 meters of altitude. During the winter Olympics Igman was the location for the competitions in alpine and nordic sports disciplines like ski jumping, biathlon and cross-country skiing. Nowadays, Igman is most popular as a destination for mountain biking, hiking and skiing.

Trebevic (Trebević) is the closest mountain to Sarajevo and it is connected with the city centre with cable car Trebevic and you need only 12 minutes with a cable car ride to reach the mountain. The highest peak is at 1627 meters of altitude. During winter Olympics was most popular by their bobsledding. Trebevic bobsleigh is one of 13 bobsledding in the world. Nowadays it serves only for visiting and taking pictures but not for any kind of sports activity.

Best options

Sarajevo hiking trails

If you wonder what does this introduction have with hiking, we will explain it in further read.

Sarajevo as a city with its extremely good location and natural characteristics is an ideal place for hiking activities. There are various hiking trails around Sarajevo so everyone can find appropriate hiking trails for them, whether you search for easy, medium or hard difficulty trails.

Sarajevo hiking is extremely popular even with domestic people, where almost every weekend numerous mountaineering associations are embarking on a journey to conquer the highest peaks.

Sarajevo hiking trails

What is the best time for hiking in Bosnia

As we previously mentioned, Sarajevo, as well as the remaining part of the Bosnia region, belongs to the continental climate best months for hiking adventures are spring and autumn. Summer months are also an option, thanks to the continental climate which gives an ideal hideout from worm temperatures, just make sure to bring sunscreen and a fair amount of water.

Best hiking trails around Sarajevo

Best Sarajevo hiking trails in this part will be:

  • Hiking trail to Skakavac waterfall
  • Hiking trail to Lukomir village
  • Hiking trail Trebevic
Sarajevo hiking trails

Skakavac waterfall trail

One of the most famous hiking trails in Sarajevo is for sure Skakavac waterfall. Usually, starting point goes from the Nahorevo village at 1080 meters of altitude. The hiking trail is well signed, and via Nahorevo or via Bukovik you can choose two paths to reach the waterfall.

One will lead you to the top and another one to the bottom of the waterfall. If you choose to go to the bottom, you can experience a walk through the forest and it will lead you to the Skakavac waterfall. This road is narrower than the other one. The upper trail is well maintained and one can find a drinking fountain, benches to rest etc. An Approximate time to complete this hiking tour is around 4 hours and the distance is close to 10 kilometres.

This hiking trail is easy and undemanding and free of landmines.

Skakavac waterfall

Skakavac waterfall is a wonderful spot for being entertained by the sounds of nature, located only 12 km away from Sarajevo. The tour starts from Čavljak, then follows Crepoljsko and Bukovik. The Skakavac waterfall originates from the brook of the same name, which springs below the Bukovik peak (1532 m), and flows into the Perački stream.

It is a geomorphological monument of nature, located on Ozren mountain. Skakavac is the fifth highest waterfall in the Balkans and the highest waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina at a height of 98m. The impressive natural phenomenon is different in every season and provides an insight into vivid landscapes, mist, water and even gravestones dating from the medieval period. The vegetation around the waterfall itself is rich in various endemic and relict plants.


If you opt to go hiking in the winter months be aware that the trail can potentially be frozen due to low temperatures. Hike carefully!

Join us on an unforgettable adventure through the stunning natural landscape of Skakavac waterfall, and experience the true beauty of hiking with like-minded nature enthusiasts.

What to see in Sarajevo - Skakavac waterfall

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Sarajevo hiking trails - Skakavac
Sarajevo hiking trails

Lukomir hiking trail

The most popular Sarajevo hiking trail among tourists is from Umoljani village to the picturesque and highest located village in Bosnia – Lukomir. The long walks will take you to an exploration of the unique Bosnian tradition, history, cuisine which will feel like a breath of fresh air – literally.

If you choose this hiking trail you can hike with us! We promise you a good time and fair recreation.

The tour usually starts on the Bjelasnica mountain, from medieval village Umoljani. The ancient necropolis at Dolovi follows. During the tour, you will enjoy Studeni Potok stream, Peruće Waterfall, a stunning view of Rakitnica Canyon. You will have a chance to try traditional food specialities and a chance to buy local handicrafts as souvenirs.

Lukomir hiking village

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If you choose to go by yourself, here are a few options for you.

To reach the starting point you can use a private car or public transport.

With a private car, you can choose one of two directions to reach the starting point. One is via Krupac (49 kilometres long) and the second one is via Haddici (54 kilometres).

If you choose a public transport option, the bus line is 85 and it is called “Ilidža-Sinanovići”. You will exit the public transport at the bus stop called “Most na Rakitnici” (Bridge on river Rakitnica). You will walk to the starting point, and the whole trail to the starting point is marked.

Hiking trail Umoljani –Lukomir is 6 kilometres long. Resting places are Vrelo Sedrenik (Srebrenik well) and Studeni potok. You can visit tombstones in Umoljani village and Lukomir village, Umoljani mosque, Sedrenik watermills, Studeni potok meander and viewpoint to Rakitnica canyon. The trail from Umoljani is not marked nor signed during the whole path, hence we recommend you hike with us for safety reasons.

This trail goes from Umoljani, through Vrelo Sedrenik, Studeni potok, Peruće and destination Lukomir.


Located approximately 35 miles (56km)  from the capital Sarajevo, Lukomir is the last of the semi-nomadic mountain villages left in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Virtually inaccessible by car from the early winter to spring, Lukomir’s isolation has also protected it from the trying winds of change and modernity. In Lukomir, life goes on as it always has.

There is a continuity between the past and the present, between the natural surroundings and the inner sanctums of its safe-keepers. The tombstones of past residents are intermingled with medieval tombstones called “stecci”– 14th-century monuments with unique carvings depicting various aspects of life in Medieval Bosnia.

Sarajevo hiking trails - Lukomir trail
Sarajevo hiking trails - Lukomir trail
Sarajevo to Trebević peak

Trebević hiking trail

Today, the easiest way to get to Trebević is by cable car or a 20-minute taxi/car. With ample parking space, landscaped picnic area and several restaurants,

Brus is an ideal starting and ending point on the Trebević exploration route, with numerous activities available. The Brus Sports and Recreation Center has children’s playgrounds, lakeside balls, paintball, basketball, volleyball and five-a-side football courts. Here you can rent mountain bikes and quads, and there is a rich gastronomic offer, as well as a small zoo and barbecue areas.

From here you can embark on a 500-meter, five-hour climb to the top of Trebević (1,629 m) along a well-marked trail through spruce and pine forests and along the way enjoy the view. A small piece of the hiking trail at the very end of the route is not marked – to a place called Stanojevići. The trail is 12 kilometres long and with occasional rest stops it takes even more than five hours to climb.

If you choose this route, make sure to get to Brus, Trebević.

The first part of the trail is until you reach a place called „Dobre vode“ and the whole journey is through coniferous woods. From Brus to Dobre vode you need approximately half an hour and Dobre vode place is even accessible by car. Dobre vode is a name for the location of the dwell.

From there to the top of Trebević you have two marked paths. The first one is known as the „summer trail“ and it is meaningfully longer than the other one, as it has a lot of serpentines but a lower incline. This trail is for nature lovers.

The second one is called „winter trail“ and it is much shorter but with a higher incline.

Both these trails connect before reaching the mountain lodge „Vaso Miskin Crni“ which is devastated.

From the mountain lodge to the top of Trebević it takes an approximately 20-minute walk. We suggest going back as you reach the top, if you are not an experienced hiker as the remaining part of the trail is unmarked and in that mind significantly more dangerous. You can get lost.

At the top, you will be greeted by a beautiful view of Sarajevo, smaller towns and villages nearby and enchanting mountain ranges. Explore this beautiful area, which is both close enough and far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Sarajevo. 

We would be thrilled to have you join us on our Sarajevo Trebevic tour. If you’re looking for an adventure that will leave you breathless with stunning views and a sense of accomplishment, this is the tour for you. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will ensure your safety and make this experience unforgettable. Don’t miss out on the chance to conquer this majestic mountain and create memories that will last a lifetime – book your spot on our tour today!

Sarajevo Trebevic hiking tour

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Well-known as the “lungs of Sarajevo” mountain Trebević stands for the favourite mountain of local people. The hiking tour starts from the bobsleigh track and leads to a stunning city panorama. Reaching the peak of Trebević mountain is usually not that long- around 6 km, thus it is convenient for everybody. The mountain is rich with coniferous forest making it ideal for walking.

Trebevic’s highest peak is „Sofe“ at 1. 629 meters, with a beautiful view of the city of Sarajevo and Sarajevo fields. Local people went on trips there by cable car that used to run from Bistrik to the beginning of the Olympic bobsled track. The cable car has been in function again since 2018.

On Trebević there is also a protected rock for climbing, Via Ferrata Bijela stijena, which is a challenge for alpinists and which also offers a beautiful view of Sarajevo.

Trebević is home to several hundred species of plants, many of which are endemic, and home to many animal species, and here you can enjoy the gastronomic offer of restaurants and hotels.

Sarajevo hiking trails - Trebevic hiking trail, Sarajevo Trebevic
Sarajevo hiking trails - Trebevic hiking trail

This is just part 1 of our list regarding Sarajevo hiking trails. In the upcoming period, we will prepare more information and more Sarajevo hiking trails as well. There are numerous hiking trails around Sarajevo that are waiting for you to go and explore.

Until we prepare the next part of our Sarajevo hiking trails, feel free to explore the above-mentioned hiking trails and enjoy your time in our beautiful country, where, we are sure, you will be able to experience some unbelievable and amazing moments.

Sarajevo hiking trails


What is the best time for hiking in Bosnia and Sarajevo?

As we previously mentioned, Sarajevo, as well as the remaining part of the Bosnia region, belongs to the continental climate best months for hiking adventures are spring and autumn.

Summer months are also an option, thanks to the continental climate which gives an ideal hideout from worm temperatures, just make sure to bring sunscreen and a fair amount of water.

What are the best hiking trails around Sarajevo?

The best Sarajevo hiking trails are: – Hiking trail to Skakavac waterfall – Hiking trail to Lukomir village – Hiking trail Trebevic.

We are suggesting checking out our Lukomir hiking tour which will take you to the highest populated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bjelasnica mountain and where you will be able to see one of the most captivating sights, take amazing pictures and experience untouched nature.

So, when you come to Sarajevo, make sure to read our Sarajevo hiking trails blog and find inspiration for your next hiking adventure.

Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts where we regularly post our activities or get in touch with us and we will be your tour guides.

If you are a traveller who would like to add something to our list, or you know some amazing facts about this city, make sure you contact us with the message subject “Sarajevo hiking trails – suggestions”. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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