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How to spend One day in Sarajevo

One day in Sarajevo


Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s a beautiful country with everything you could wish for: great people, an amazing atmosphere, unique dishes, and breathtaking sightseeing spots. If you already decided to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and visit Sarajevo, but for some reason, you have only ONE day, this blog is made for you. Here’s how you spend one day in Sarajevo.

One day in Sarajevo - Welcome to Sarajevo
One day in Sarajevo - Welcome to Sarajevo
One day in Sarajevo


After you arrive at the airport, you will need to get yourself to the heart of the city. Usually, there’s always a bus near. If you want to get to the city a bit faster you can always take a taxi/cab and get ripped off because the price from the airport to the city with a taxi is around 20 euros.

How not get ripped off? Here’s a pro tip for you. Pssssst! Cross to the parking lot usually there you can find taxi drivers who will turn on the taximeter and the price will be a bit more reasonable. Or you can order a transfer from the airport and save yourself a commotion in the bus or taxi and start your one-day in Sarajevo adventure right. (transfer number: +387 61 240 286)

In case the provided information is insufficient for you, feel free to read our Sarajevo Public Transport article, where we explained in depth how public transport in Sarajevo works.

Sarajevo public transport

Sarajevo public transport | Amazing tips to get around

Sarajevo public transport guide will provide you enough information to easily get around the city. Ticket prices, taxi companies and much more.
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One day in Sarajevo

Sarajevo tours

Obviously, you would like to see most of the city during that one day you have. So it’s really important to plan your trip and stay.

Walking around without understanding the city and the culture isn’t a very good option. So how do you find a proper tour? If you arrived early in the morning the best thing you can do is a Free walking tour starting every morning at 10:30h. 

The tour is provided by Meet Bosnia Tours and the start point of the tour is at Gazi Husrev-begova 75 street.

One day in Sarajevo - Bascarsija square
One day in Sarajevo - Bascarsija square

As the name suggests, it’s free, so you can save some money here. With this tour, you will be able to see the entire old part of the city of Sarajevo. Why is the old part of the city so important? It’s because it’s the heart and soul of Sarajevo!

It’s hard to explain the feeling when you visit the city; you have to experience it. The city has a soul, and you will definitely be able to feel it. You will see the cultural clash and multiple religions coexisting in one small place.

In a 100m square, you can find four different religious buildings: a mosque, a Catholic cathedral, an old Orthodox church, and a Jewish synagogue. No wonder Sarajevo is called the Jerusalem of Europe.

In addition to that, the Sarajevo Walking Tour includes visiting the Sarajevo City Hall – Vijećnica, and the Latin Bridge, where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand happened in 1914.

This tour lasts approximately two hours, and it will definitely make your morning.

Popular tour
Sarajevo free walking tour featured image

Sarajevo Free Walking Tour | Every Day at 10:30 AM & 3 PM

2 hours
Availability : Every day
Min Age : 0+
(370 Reviews)
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Around 2 PM you can additionally explore the city and actually get the opportunity to see everything important. The Fall of Yugoslavia | Sarajevo siege tour tour will provide you with just that.

It’s a historic tour and covers major events in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the history of Sarajevo. Its nickname is The War Tour because on this tour you will cover the events of the previous war that lasted from 1992 to 1995.

One day in Sarajevo - Clock tower
One day in Sarajevo - Clock tower

Your journey will start from the old Yellow Fortress, and next, you will visit the Olympic complex and the Maternity hospital. You will also see many cemeteries, including Islamic, Jewish, and mixed cemeteries, even though religions don’t allow that.

The next stop will be the Tunnel of Hope, followed by a visit to Mount Trebević and the Bobsleigh track.

This tour takes you in a complete circle around the city and provides great stories along the way.

The tour lasts approximately four hours

Sarajevo siege tour

Fall of Yugoslavia | Sarajevo Siege Tour

4 hours
Availability : Every day
Min Age : 0+
Max People : 20
(558 Reviews)
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For your one day in Sarajevo, we also recommend you to read “What to Eat in Sarajevo“, it will come in handy for sure!

What to eat in Sarajevo

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One day in Sarajevo

Sarajevo nightlife

Walking the streets of Sarajevo at night feels magical and is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss during your one-day adventure in Sarajevo. The city comes to life, and you can experience its vibrant nightlife. Your day wouldn’t be complete without visiting some bars and cafes.

Our top picks for the best bars and cafes are ‘Zlatna Tribeca bar (located at Kaptol 5), ‘Tito’ cafe (located at Zmaja od Bosne 5), and ‘Espresso Lab’ (located at Zelenih Beretki 18).

In Sarajevo, there’s a brewery that was constructed and put into use in the 19th century. Specifically, in 1864, the Sarajevo brewery was founded.

Sarajevsko Pivo (Sarajevo beer) is ranked 8th in the world. The brewery also offers live music and traditional music, which are special and important for the Balkan people.

One day in Sarajevo - Sarajevo brewery
One day in Sarajevo - Sarajevo brewery

The only thing left for you to do after a really long and exciting one day in Sarajevo is to take a shower and get some good sleep. We, from Meet Bosnia Travel, guarantee you high-quality tours and a great stay in Sarajevo. Even if it’s just for one day, we will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible!

Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts where we regularly post our activities or get in touch with us and we will be your tour guides while you are travelling through Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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